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Advantages and disadvantages of using plastic louvers

The louver is a fairly common product in the refrigeration system industry, contributing to bringing a fresh and clean atmosphere to modern housing spaces, apartments, factories, and factories. And plastic louver is one of the most popular types of louver because of its outstanding advantages.

However, not everyone understands this type of louver. So let’s follow the article of P69 Mechanical Factory to know more about the pros and cons of using this type of louver!

What is a plastic louver?

Plastic louver is a louver product manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic material. Currently, plastic louvers have been produced in a variety of types and designs. Such as plastic louver, spokes louver, diffuser louver, patterned louver, round louver… Depending on the project and actual use requirements, customers will choose the appropriate type of louver.

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Advantages and disadvantages of using plastic louvers

No matter how modern the device is, it is inevitable that there are pros and cons. Then P69 Mechanical Factory would like to introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic louvers so that you can choose the most suitable type of louver for your project.

1. Advantages

– The cost of plastic louver is cheaper.

– Lighter than metal louvers, so easy to pack and transport.

– Not affected by temperature, humidity and other factors.

– Plastic air mouth can mold many beautiful designs.

– No need to worry about the case of the wind mouth being dew.

– Quick installation, saves time.

2. Disadvantages

– Durability is not as high as traditional louvers

– Mass-produced according to the available molds, so the size is fixed.

– The surface of the plastic air vent is easily scratched.

– Cannot withstand temperatures higher than 105 degrees Celsius.

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Plastic louver is a louver product manufactured with high-quality ABS plastic material. Currently, plastic louvers have been produced in a wide variety of types and designs

Common applications of plastic louvers

– Present in air conditioning systems.

– As an element of various types of coolers.

– Application in cooling of factories.

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