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All Resident Evil 4 remake difficulty settings

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The Resident Evil 4 remake gives you a chance to jump back into the epic 2005 adventure, where Leon Kennedy saved the President’s daughter, Ashley, and took on another threat left by the Umbrella Corporation. Before you relive this enthralling experience, there are a handful of difficulty settings you can pick from at the start of the game. These settings determine the enemy’s difficulty and what challenges you should expect. Here’s what you need to know about all Resident Evil 4 remake difficulty settings and how they work.

How the Resident Evil 4 remake difficulty settings work, and what they do

When you reach the title screen and pick your difficulty settings, there are three choices available to you: Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore. Each difficulty provides a different experience for you in Resident Evil 4; not everyone should play on the highest one. For those unfamiliar with Resident Evil 4, we don’t recommend Hardcore, but if you’re playing through the game for the second or third time, bumping it up to the next one might be a good idea. A fourth difficulty unlocks when you complete the game once, and that’s called Professional. It is important to note that the difficulty setting does not change the main story.

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These are how all difficulty settings work in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Assisted mode

The Assisted mode is the best difficulty for you to pick if you typically don’t play action games or have never played a Resident Evil game. However, this is a good starting point for those unfamiliar with this genre or who want to experience this game’s story. This game mode offers aim assist during combat, you can create more ammunition when you craft it, Leon recovers health while he’s in danger, and there are lower prices for certain items offered at the shop.

Standard mode

The difficulty setting above Assisted mode is the Standard option. For anyone who has regularly played other action games or has enjoyed the previous Resident Evil remakes, this is a good option for your first playthrough. In the standard game mode, the aim assist has been turned off, Leon does not recover health while he’s in danger, the ammunition you earn from crafting is the same amount, and the shops are at the expected price when you enter the shop. This is a good choice for anyone who did not routinely play the original Resident Evil 4 game.

Hardcore more

The final option is the Hardcore mode. For those who have yet to beat the game once, this is the hardest difficulty available to you, and it’s the recommended option if you’ve already played Resident Evil 4 at least once. In this game mode, the enemies are stronger, the elite enemies will be tougher, and the prices for certain items in the shop will go up.


The final and hardest difficulty in the Resident Evil 4 remake is Professional. This is the toughest game mode you can find in this game, and it only becomes available if you’ve beaten this game at least once. You won’t be able to select this option until this point. For anyone who truly enjoys Resident Evil 4, this will be the ideal choice to make when you go through the game, where the enemies will hit you for more damage, and you should expect not to find too much ammunition.

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