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Application of EI duct in current fire protection system

EI fireproof duct is a product chosen by many contractors. Unlike other ductwork products, Ei fireproof ductwork is considered a special duct system. Please follow the article of P69 Mechanical Factory to know how the application of Ei fireproof duct in the current fire protection system is like!

What is Ei fireproof duct?

According to the latest regulations in Decree 136 on fire prevention and fighting law, QCVN 06:2020/BXD – National technical regulation on fire safety for houses and buildings. Standards of ductwork and suction equipment, in addition to ensuring the standard TCVN 5687:2010. They must also ensure that they are made from fireproof materials with fire resistance levels including different Ei limits.

Ei fireproof ducts are the same as other ducts, but covered with protective outer layers, giving them the ability to withstand high temperatures according to Ei 30, Ei 45, Ei 60, and Ei 90, Ei 120, Ei 180 standards.

ống gió elống gió EI
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Application of EI duct in current fire protection system

Here are some applications of EI ducts in current fire protection systems:

– Smoke extraction ductwork (Smoke extract ductwork)

– Pressurization ductwork

– Basement ventilation system (Carpark ductwork)

– Kitchen extract ductwork (Kitchen extract ductwork)

– Ventilation ductwork

– Air conditioning system

Types of fireproof ducts on the market

In addition to classifying fireproof ducts Ei according to heat resistance limits, Ei ducts are also classified according to the structure of the materials they make up. Specifically divided into the following 3 types:

1. Fireproof painted ductwork

– Structure: Consists of 2 layers, the core corrugated iron layer and the outermost fireproof paint layer.

– Advantages: Light density, simple structure, easy construction.

– Cons: Poor waterproofing; When burned, there is a burning smell; Have to work many times; There is no high degree of homogeneity with the system; Production materials are not safe for health and the environment; High price.

– Application: Buildings, workshops for walls, ducts, roofs, fan boxes, etc.

2. Ei fireproof duct made from glass wool and protective corrugated iron

–  Structure: Consists of 3 layers with the inner and outer layers made of zinc-coated corrugated iron, the middle layer is glass wool.

– Advantage: Cheap price. Easy to find and buy. Fireproof, waterproof, noise-proof and good insulation. Safe production materials; Do not affect the structure of the building.

– Disadvantage: Due to the diversity in density, it must be carefully calculated at the stage of choosing and using raw materials. Glass wool is easy to cause itching, so it is necessary to have protective gear when manufacturing.

– Application: Buildings, factories with ventilation systems, sound absorption, …

3. Fireproof ducts Ei plaster with cotton insulation

– Structure: Consists of 3 layers with the inner and outer layers made of plaster, the middle layer is insulating cotton.

– Advantage: Cheap price. Various colors. Produce many types of pipes with diverse Ei standards. Fireproof, good insulation, high strength. Materials are easy to find, easy to produce, safe for health and the environment. High compression.

– Cons: Waterproof, poor water resistance, so it cannot be used outdoors. Heavyweight is difficult to work. The surface is easy to scratch.

– Application: Making partitions or fan boxes in buildings, factories

In addition to the three types mentioned above, Ei air ducts can also be manufactured from many other materials such as Silicon coated flame retardant fabric ventilation ducts. However, these are the 3 most popular types of Ei fireproof ducts on the market today.

ống gió chống cháy EIống gió EI
EI fireproof duct is a product chosen by many contractors.

Benefits of using EI ductwork

The benefits of using windpipes reaching Ei are:

– Air circulation and circulation, bring fresh air to the building.

– Ensure temperature stability.

– Able to remove harmful gases, odors, mold, etc.

– Fire prevention, support to control the situation of the work if there is a fire.

– When the building has a fire, the fireproof duct removes smoke and toxic gas to help evacuate people from the fire area safely.

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