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Best Resident Evil 4 remake Steam Deck Settings

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Resident Evil 4 remake is top to bottom rebuilt version of the Resident Evil game that changed the survival horror genre. It builds upon the legacy of past remakes in the series and could be the best one yet. This guide explains how you can take this masterpiece on the go with you and what the best settings are for playing Resident Evil 4 Remake on Steam Deck.

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Can you play Resident Evil 4 remake on Steam Deck?

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Yes, you can play Resident Evil 4 remake on Steam Deck. The title isn’t verified for Steam Deck at the time of writing, but it runs extremely well, and we expect it to get that verified label very soon after launch. If you’re worried about buying the game for your device, don’t be. You can play it easily, and there aren’t any terrible crashes we’re aware of, so you’re safe to spend your money and get on with the best adventure in the Resident Evil franchise.

Best settings for Resident Evil 4 remake on Steam Deck

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If you’re playing Resident Evil 4 remake on Steam Deck, you’ll want to use these settings to make the most of your battery life while getting the best performance out of your device. The first thing you should do is pull all the graphics settings down to low. This will still provide a solid performance with a stable 30 FPS and pretty much no stuttering outside of the heaviest action sequences.

We also recommend capping the game to 30 FPS because this will provide the most stable experience, allowing you to avoid any stuttering and unfair deaths. You can cap it to 40 FPS, but the game will need to do a lot of rendering before you get that smooth, stable experience you can achieve right away with 30 FPS. You should try to run the game with your TDP limit set to 8 because this will prolong your battery life and give you about three hours to play the game before you need to charge again.

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