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Can you catch a shiny Popplio in Pokémon Go?

Image via the Pokemon Company

Popplio is among the many Pokémon you can encounter while playing Pokémon Go. It can appear in the wild, or you might find it featured in a one-star raid, depending on the event happening. When you go to catch a Popplio, like many Pokémon, you might be expecting to catch a shiny version. But can you catch a shiny Popplio in Pokémon Go? Here’s what you need to know.

Does Popplio have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

We can confirm that Popplio does not have a shiny version. If you attempt to catch this Pokémon, there is no chance for a shiny version to appear. These forms have an extremely rare appearance rate, making them incredibly difficult to track down, even for Pokémon Go players who pride themselves on being collectors.

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Popplio is originally from the Alola region and made its debut alongside the other starter Pokémon on March 1, 2022. Unfortunately, Niantic normally takes roughly a year or two to introduce a Pokémon’s shiny version following its initial release. However, for starter Pokémon, this typically happens for specific Community Day events, which feature a new move for Popplio’s final form, Primarina, and an increased chance to encounter the shiny version in the wild for a limited amount of time.

When Popplio’s shiny version does release, it will continue to be available as Pokémon Go continues to run. There will always be small chances to encounter a shiny version of Popplio when it does come out, but it might have increased chances to appear depending on special events. Niantic has not shared when Popplio’s shiny version will appear during any of their special events, but we could hear something happening sometime in 2023, or the team might push something in early 2024.

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