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Ducted ceiling air conditioners: Features, structures, and functions

Currently, thanks to industrialization and modernization, many types of air conditioners have been born to serve the increasing needs of people’s lives. And in which the ceiling-mounted air conditioner is the type of air conditioner that is chosen by many people because of its outstanding advantages.

However, many people still have questions about this type of air conditioner. If you also wonder why this type of air conditioner is chosen by so many people, please follow the following article of P69 Mechanical Factory!

What is ducted ceiling air conditioner?

Ducted ceiling air conditioner is an air conditioner that works by blowing cold air through ducts, installed on the ceiling or hidden from the ceiling so that the device is not exposed. This helps the parts of the air conditioner be protected, avoiding contact with the outside environment, increasing product life. At the same time the connecting wires will be hidden to save space and increase the aesthetics of the house.

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Outstanding features of ducted ceiling air conditioners

Ducted ceiling air conditioners have the following outstanding features:

– Ceiling concealed design, therefore, does not occupy the area of ​​the room

– Air cooling of large rooms (or many rooms at the same time) based on the connection to the duct system directly connected to the air conditioner

– Creates cooler air than conventional air conditioners.

Structure of ceiling mounted air conditioner with duct connection

Ducted ceiling air conditioners only include 1 indoor unit, not multiple indoor units at the same time as central air conditioners.

1. Indoor unit

The indoor unit of the ceiling-mounted air conditioner connected to the duct will be placed inside the ceiling. Accordingly, on the indoor unit of the ceiling-mounted air conditioner, the ductwork will work similarly to other air conditioners. However, the outlet air (cooled air) has multiple outlets at the same time, each of which the user can distribute the air to different points in the room home,

2. Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is usually placed outdoors, responsible for radiating heat to the environment. The compressor capacity of the outdoor unit usually reaches 16,0000 BTU or more, suitable for the installation of large and spacious rooms such as meeting rooms or at the same time many small rooms.

Điều hòa âm trần nối ống gió
Ducted ceiling air conditioner is an air conditioner that works by blowing cold air through ducts, which are installed on the ceiling without exposing it to the outside.

Advantages and disadvantages of ducted ceiling air conditioners

Regardless of the type of electronic equipment, there are pros and cons, today P69 Mechanical Factory will show you the pros and cons of ducted ceiling air conditioners.

1. Advantages

– Ability to connect multiple ventilation ducts: Helps distribute air evenly to many different points in the house, good cold air load in large spaces, cooler and stronger airflow than conventional air conditioners.

– Long life: Ceiling concealed design helps the air conditioner to limit damage and influence from the environment. Stable operation.

– Quiet operation: No noise.

2. Disadvantages

– The cooling capacity is not as good as the central air conditioning system

– The air filter system – deodorizing is not optimal when compared to wall-mounted air conditioners.

– Limit the number of cooling rooms, only cooling a maximum of 2-3 rooms.

– More difficult to maintain because the body is hidden in the ceiling

– Cost of installation and construction is more expensive than the type of ceiling cassettes

Working principle of ceiling type air conditioner

Ducted ceiling air conditioners operate based on the circulation cycle of gas flowing in copper pipes, specifically as follows:

– The gas in the outdoor unit is cooled in the compressor will be transported to the copper pipe system and to the indoor unit. Through the process of moving, the gas continues to be cooled to the required temperature of 6 – 10 degrees. At this time, the air around the copper pipe system in the indoor unit will quickly decrease in temperature. After that, this cold air will be blown by the fan through the air box and then through the duct and air outlet to the room to be cooled.

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