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How to complete the Illuminated Torment challenge in Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares raid

Image via Bungie

The Root of Nightmares raid challenges have been unleashed for Destiny 2, and players looking to acquire the Dream Warrior player title will need to work on them while these are available. The Illuminated Torment challenge occurs during the first encounter, the Cataclysm fight. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the Illuminated Torment challenge in the Root of Nightmares raid for Destiny 2.

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What is the Illuminated Torment challenge in the Root of Nightmares raid?

For the first encounter, any time your team needs to remove a Tormentor, the person who eliminates them must have the Field of Light buff. The Field of Light buff will appear around the Field of Life orbs that one player will be activating, which is how you and your team will progress through this encounter. When you reach the end of the platform, the Cataclysm fight will end.

It is complicated to ensure the person taking out the activated Tormentor has the buff. You’ll want to coordinate with your team to figure out the position of where to find the Field of Light and make sure you activate the Tormentor when everyone is ready. The Tormentor is how you extend the timer on the potentially party-wipe mechanic during this fight, so defeating the two Psions during this fight too early will trigger a Tormentor and potentially cause your team to trip up if you don’t coordinate this.

When you reach the end of the encounter, and only someone with the Field of Light buff defeats these enemies, everyone in your party will receive this triumph. This is one of the four required challenges you’ll need to complete the Root of Nightmares seal, unlocking the Dream Warrior title on your character.

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