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How to get the W-870 Shotgun in Resident Evil 4 remake



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You start Resident Evil 4 remake with a handgun and a knife. While you’ll quickly pick up grenades to help you battle through hordes of enemies, you could always do with something a little more powerful. This guide explains how to get the W-870 Shotgun early on, so you don’t have to wait until you meet the Merchant before you upgrade your arsenal.

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Where do you find the W-870 Shotgun?

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find the W-870 Shotgun early in your journey with Resident Evil 4 remake. It’s in the largest house in the Village location, which is full of enemies that you’ll encounter right at the start of the story. This is the first big confrontation in the game, and you can pick the W-870 Shotgun up in the middle of it to help ease things somewhat.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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See above for a map reference for the location of the W-870 Shotgun. You can enter the house through the front door, but the intended entrance is the window on its left. Shoot through and move the bookcase into it to prevent enemies from following you for a while. The weapon is held in a picture frame at the top of the stairs. You’ll get five Shotgun Shells to start with but can pick up a few more on the table on the landing.

This Shotgun is an incredibly powerful weapon, but you should save it for when you face strong enemies. It can help you clear out the village and probably even kill the mini-boss that attacks you there. However, we found it was more useful in the areas following the village because some really big and awkward enemies start hitting you very quickly after that.

More Shotgun Shells will start to show up after you pick this weapon up, and it’ll be in your inventory forever unless you sell it. We’d recommend upgrading it around the Chapter 4 mark because it’s much better than anything you can get in the Chapters leading up to that point. From there, though, you should upgrade it with the Merchant if you’re going to continue to use it.

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