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How to solve Chapter 4’s cave puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake

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Two cave puzzles await you in Resident Evil 4 remake Chapter 4. As soon as you conquer these two fiendishly tricky dial puzzles, you can swoop in and save Ashley. These puzzles can be conquered in any order, but beware: you must overcome both before progressing. These puzzles are a nod to the original Resident Evil 4, but they’ve been updated for this Remake. To obtain the hidden stone heads, you must crack each dial puzzle, then, once you have all the heads, make your way back to the Mural Cave and place them in place to unlock the coveted Insignia. So, shall we solve the secrets of Chapter 4’s cave puzzles in Resident Evil 4 remake?

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How to solve the Small Cave Puzzle | Chapter 4 cave puzzle solution

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Nestled in the idyllic northeast area of the lake is the Small Cave Shrine, an oasis of peace with a quaint shack and a perplexing eight-dial puzzle. Mercifully, no adversaries await to mar your puzzle-solving prowess. Instead, keep a lookout for yellow markings on the cave walls, indicating the three symbols you need to manipulate to solve the puzzle.

Following a clockwise rotation from the 12 o’clock dial, you must press symbols number four, six, and seven. Once you’ve deftly pressed the correct dials, the cage door will unlock, and you can lay claim to the first of the two stone heads.

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How to solve the Large Cave Puzzle | Chapter 4 cave puzzle solution

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Get ready to take on a horde of Ganados en route to the Large Cave Shrine puzzle. Once you do, climb the ladder up to the puzzle area. Don’t worry about any remaining enemies, as entering the puzzle area will hit the pause button on the action.

Start from the 12 o’clock dial, and work your way around. Press the dials on both sides of the top middle dial, then hit the dial at 6 o’clock. Once you’ve hit all three buttons correctly, the door will open, and you can lay your mitts on the other stone head.

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