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Instructions for maintenance and operation of electromechanical systems

The electromechanical system is always an important system in architectural works, but in the long run, there may be many errors, but if not detected in time, it can lead to great  damage to the building. So today P69 Mechanical Factory will guide the maintenance and operation of the electromechanical system in the most accurate way through the article below!

Maintenance manual for electromechanical systems

To be able to properly maintain the electromechanical system, you can refer to the maintenance steps of the P69 Mechanical Factory!

1. Survey

This is the most important step of the process. Engineers should take the time to survey and understand the current state of equipment, electromechanical systems and customers’ wishes.

2. Rating

This step ensures that the client’s needs and vision as well as the feasibility if the work can be understood

3. Proposed solution

Our proposals relate to each aspect of the solution, including customer-specified performance indicators, electrical and mechanical details, project drawings. In the process of cooperation, we do not have any problems and no questions are left unanswered.

4. Agreement

Each project/client has a dedicated staff to monitor and notify the entire work progress. This gives customers the convenience of timely grasping all information related to the work that the two parties are cooperating.

5. Repair or replace

For equipment that is out of date or/and unable to be rehabilitated, lacks synchronization with the system and does not meet the actual needs of use, a new purchase will be proactively suggested by us. With a network of leading partners in the electromechanical industry, the M&E Contractor will ensure that all replacement equipment has the best quality corresponding to the customer’s investment cost.

6. Construction and supervision

The entire process of maintenance, repair or replacement is carried out by a team of qualified and experienced technicians, closely monitored by an independent management system and supervisory team.

7. Support and training

The maintenance process is not just abut maintaining the ability to operate the electromechanical system, it also includes technology handover, control, operation and maintenance instructions as well as training of qualified personnel compatible with the new equipment system,

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The electromechanical system is always an important system is always an important system in architectural works 

Operating instructions for electromechanical systems

To operate the electrical system efficiently and smoothly is not an easy thing. You can refer to the following operating steps of the P69 Mechanical Factory!

Step 1

– Monitoring and checking the electrical system: First, to determine the number and location of equipment, you need to base on the diagram of the electrical system in the building. Next, proceed to turn on the CB to be able to supply power to the system. Finally, you can check devices such as indicator lights, voltage indicators, power supplies, etc.

Step 2

– Starting the system: After checking and determining that the electrical system is in a stable state, you can start up the electrical system as well as the equipment to ensure efficient operation.

Step 3

– Monitor the status of the electrical system: During the operation of the system, you should pay attention to regularly check the operation of the equipment. During the tracking process, you can rely on the technical meter. Besides, you should conduct a comparison of the system’s parameters with each other to promptly detect errors and correct them.

Step 4

– Conduct shutdown: To let the system rest and check for errors, you can proceed to bring the system to the Off state and completely turn off the power CB and devices.

Step 5

– Periodic maintenance and repair of the system: After the system has been in operation for a certain time, it is very necessary to repair and maintain it periodically. Therefore, you should conduct a review and assessment of the condition of the electrical system when performing periodic technical maintenance of the building to come up with an appropriate maintenance plan. This step is to support the power system to work more efficiently and effectively.

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