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The best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4

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Sorcerers are one of the more powerful ranged magic dealers in the Diablo series, and they’re one of the handful of classes you can play as in Diablo 4. You can wield several unique types of magic-based attacks, and the elemental magic you use will determine your overall building. The type of magic you unleash varies on your spell choices, and some of those combinations are going to be better than others. Here’s what you need to know about how to build the best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4.

How to build a Sorcerer in Diablo 4

The Sorcerer is a ranged attacker, and they have multiple unique spells that they can unleash against enemies. Each of the attacks is associated with an element, causing a specific type of damage to a target. Naturally, some foes will be weaker to these attacks more than others, and how you pick the type of spells you want to add to your build varies depending on the damage you want to increase and how often you plan to use it.

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The best Sorcerer builds in Diablo 4

You’ll need to pick from one of four basic attacks when you begin playing your Sorcerer. You can pick from the Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, Spark, or Arc Lash. These determine your character’s basic attack, and you can receive enhanced versions of it, along with every other skill you select. Shock and Arc Lash are both Lightning-based basic attacks, while the Fire Bolt is Fire damage and the Frost Bolt is Cold Damage. The type of basic attack damage you do will determine your Sorcerer’s build for the rest of the game and is a fundamental option to pick.

Fire Damage build

If you’d like to focus on Fire damage, this is the type of build you want to go with.

  • Basic Attack: Fire Bolt, Enhanced Fire Bolt, and then Glinting Fire Bolt
  • Core attack: Fireball, Enhanced Fireball, and then Destructive Fireball
  • Defensive skill: Flame Shield, Enhanced Flame Shield, and then Shimmering Flame Shield
  • Conjunction skill: Hydra, Enhanced Hydra, and then Invoked Hydra
  • Mastery skill: Meteor, Enhanced Meteor, and then Wizard’s Meteor
  • Ultimate: Inferno
Screenshot by Gamepur

Frost damage build

When you’d prefer to focus on Ice damage and use Ice-based attacks, here’s a build you want to go with.

  • Basic Attack: Frost Bolt, Enhanced Frost Bolt, and then Flickering Frost Bolt
  • Core attack: Frozen Orb, Enhanced Frozen Orb, and then Destructive Frozen Orb
  • Defensive skill: Frost Nova, Enhanced Frost Nova, and then Mystical Frost Nova
  • Conjunction skill: Ice Blades, Enhanced Ice Blades, and then Summoned Ice Blades
  • Mastery skill: Blizzard, Enhanced Blizzard, and then Wizard’s Blizzard
  • Ultimate: Deep Freeze

Lightning damage build

Finally, the last option you can explore is creating something surrounding the Lightning damage and using Spark.

  • Basic Attack: Spark, Enhanced Spark, and then Flickering Spark
  • Core attack: Chain Lightning, Enhanced Chain Lightning, and then Destructive Chain Lightning
  • Defensive skill: Teleport, Enhanced Teleport, and then Mystical Teleport
  • Conjunction skill: Lightning Spear, Enhanced Lighting Spear, and then Summoned Crackling Spear
  • Mastery skill: Ball Lightning, Enhanced Ball Lightning, and then Wizard’s Ball Lightning
  • Ultimate: Unstable Currents

There are several routes you can explore, and you can also try blending some of these skills together. For example, some of the critical hit spells used in the Flame Sorcerer build can work well with the Lightning one, weaving together some powerful choices, depending on how you want to use your character and playstyle.

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