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The latest popular HVAC system design standards today

HVAC systems are currently being used a lot in buildings. However, when installing, it is necessary to comply with HVAC system design standards, so if you do not know what design standards are, please follow the following article of P69 Mechanical Factory for more details!

What is an HVAC system?

– HVAC stands for the phrase Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, which translates into Vietnamese as heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. HVAC can be referred to as Air Conditioning System for short.

– HVAC systems are used to control the temperature, humidity and air quality in spaces in or in vehicles.

The goal of HVAC is to provide an acceptable level of indoor air quality and thermal comfort.

– The HVAC system has a design based on the principles of thermodynamics, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

HVAC là gì hệ thống HVAC
P69 Mechanical Plant HVAC System

The latest popular HVAC system design standards today

Below, P69 Mechanical Factory would like to share with you the common standards when designing HVAC systems, hopefully, this document will help you design the most standard HVAC system.

1. Standards for design of air conditioning and ventilation systems TCVN 5687-2010

– This standard is the most common and commonly used standard for all buildings with HVAC systems. An indispensable HVAC design standard for any engineer. So, to become an HVAC engineer, you must first read this standard carefully. This is the second edition of TCVN 5687 since 1999.

2. Smoke and heat control systems . BS EN 12101-6-2005 Smoke and heat control systems

– This is the British standard for the design of the exhaust turbocharger system. In the standard, we can apply a lot of formulas related to calculating the smoke volume to be smoked, calculating the pressure relief valve, the force of opening the stairs …

3. Standard for fresh air supply ASHRAE 62.1-2010

– This is the American standard for ventilation. You can look up the multiples of air exchange, what is the standard of fresh air supply for 1 person, how much is for the room. This standard is also one of the most commonly referenced HVAC design standards.

4. Standard for manufacturing air duct SMACNA

– Smacna is a duct manufacturing standard, this standard is an HVAC design standard in the construction phase. The standard talks about how to connect ducts, the size of duct fittings, etc.

5. QCVN 06:2010/BXD standard on fire safety for houses and buildings

– This is a common standard for many subjects, from structural architecture to ME. In the standard, there are also many related contents to prevent fire spread in the emergency ventilation system of the HVAC system. Therefore, please carefully study this standard to apply when designing.

6. Standard QCVN 09 2013 BXD – Efficient use of energy

– This is the standard that regulates the level of energy used in homes and buildings in the most economical and efficient way. In this standard, you can refer to factors such as energy, capacity, consumption of equipment, engines, … to apply to the calculation and design of the air conditioning system.

 hệ thống HVAC
HVAC systems are used to control the temperature, humidity, and air quality in spaces in or in vehicles.

Working principle of HVAC system

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are interrelated. It is reasonably priced to install, operate and maintain when there is comfort in indoor air quality and temperature.

HVAC systems are used to increase ventilation, in addition to reducing unwanted air infiltration. Besides, the HVAC system also maintains the relative pressure between the spaces in the same facility.

The HVAC system also has the operating principle to remove air from an enclosed space and replace it through the air distribution system, which is room air distribution.

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Purpose of the HVAC system

– Adjust the temperature of the room.

– Provide fresh air in the room.

– Remove contaminants from the air using filters at different stages.

– Efficient raw material operation.

HVAC system cycle

The HVAC system consists of three main cycles:

– Supply Air: This cycle helps to supply air into the room, the air here includes cold air and hot air.

– Return Air: bring new air back.

– Exhaust Air: the air is not clean, not quality will be discharged to the outside, usually will be discharged in the restroom.

HVAC Documentary

Click on the link below to download:

  1. Documentation of HVAC systems in updated GMP WHO guidelines.
  2. Documentation of HVAC system according to Vietnamese standards

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