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Top 10 best selling industrial electric fans

Industrial electric fans are always the most important equipment in industrial factories to help keep the factory airy, thereby ensuring the health of workers and improving working efficiency. So this type of fan is very trusted and installed by contractors as well as factory owners.

However, there are many types of industrial electric fans on the market today, so P69 Mechanical Factory will bring you some famous best-selling electric fans for you to choose from!

Top 10 best selling industrial electric fans

Below is a list of 10 types of industrial cooling fans that P69 Mechanical Factory would like to introduce to you.

1. Dasin Industrial Standing Fan

– Dasin is a Taiwanese industrial fan brand. All machine components are imported from Japan and Taiwan. Assembly plant in Vietnam. Dasin with more than 25 years of establishment and development. Currently, DASIN distributes industrial fans to more than 20 countries inside and outside the region, especially exporting to Japan.

– Dasin industrial standing fan stands out with the following advantages:

+ Dasin uses pure copper core. Therefore, the fan runs strong, durable and very energy-saving.

+ Dasin industrial standing fan uses Japanese bearings, quiet operation, no noise, long life.

+ Standing fan with TC temperature sensor. It helps the fan to automatically shut down when there is a power problem or the fan motor is overheated.

+ Dasin fan designed sealed motor, high-grade production materials imported from Taiwan and Japan. This helps the fan avoid the effects of the environment such as sun, rain, dust, humidity, heat, impurities, etc.

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Dasin Industrial Standing Fan

2. Vinawind industrial wall fan QTT650-RED

– Vinawind industrial wall fan QTT650-D is a large capacity electric fan from Vinawind brand (Thong Nhat Electromechanical). Belonging to the line of wall fans, Vinawind QTT650-D does not take up much space and is extremely safe when hung on high.

– The fan blade is made of durable iron with a wingspan of up to 65cm, so it is capable of creating strong and fast wind to effectively cool large spaces. In particular, the fan can easily adjust the rotation direction, fan head angle, and height to cool without missing any position according to demand.

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Industrial wall fan Vinawind QTT650-RED

3. Haiki floor fan HK450SA

– Haiki floor fan HK450SA is a large capacity floor fan of Haiki brand, suitable for use in restaurants, factories, meeting rooms… to both cool and remove unpleasant odors. The fan has a 100% copper wire motor, has an impact-resistant shell, so it works extremely strong and durable.

– Haiki HK450SA propeller is designed to be large, powder-coated and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees in the fan cage, so it creates strong wind, the wind angle is up to 3 times wider than conventional fan models. The thick fan cages should be especially safe during use, can be flexibly placed on the floor, on the table or on the wall, especially equipped with a remote control to customize the operation. move more easily.

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Haiki floor fan HK450SA

4. Fukada industrial fan KD500

– Fukada KD500 industrial tree fan is a large capacity tree fan model of the Fukada brand. Fans are made from durable materials such as 3-blade aluminum blades; motor 100% copper wire, aluminum shell; cast iron base; iron fan cage … should both ensure durability, strong operation, and ensure safety, without shaking during use.

– Fukada KD500 tree fan has a larger wingspan than conventional tree fans, so it creates fast and powerful wind with a flow of up to 205m3/min, ensuring effective cooling for large and crowded areas in hot weather.

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Industrial plant fan Fukada KD500

5. Hatari industrial plant fan

– Hatari is a product of a fan brand from Thailand. Featured with products of good quality, high durability. The fan is certified to the safety standards of the Ministry of Industry of Thailand.

– Fan with special 6-blade propeller design, optimized structure, balance and stability in operation, large air flow, low noise. High-grade bearing motor, durable operation at the same time, smooth, limited noise, energy saving. Hatari electric fan uses high-quality, durable materials. Fan blades are made from high ABS plastic. Cage and fan body are cast from iron, coated with anti-rust silver paint, operating for a long time.

 quạt điện công nghiệp
Hatari industrial tree fan

6. ChingHai industrial vertical fan HS24-DN3Đ

– ChingHai industrial standing fan HS24-DN3D is a high-end high-capacity tree fan of ChingHai brand. The fan has a sturdy, compact design that can be easily adjusted in height to suit the space to be cooled. With a large capacity of 140W and a durable 100% copper motor core, the fan operates extremely smoothly, ensuring quick and comfortable cooling for warehouses, factories, restaurants, halls…

– The fan operates smoothly, with low noise, so it both brings comfort and safety to the space used.

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ChingHai Industrial Standing Fan HS24-DN3RED

7. Ching Hai industrial wall fan W28-3RED

– Ching Hai W28-3D is one of the most commonly used industrial wall fans today. The product is designed with 3 wings with a large wingspan of up to 700mm that will give the ability to cool with a distance of 6 – 8 meters.

– The fan cage is made from powder-coated iron that is both durable and effective against dust. The fan blades are made from high-quality fiberglass plastic, which is durable, and also makes it convenient for users to clean and clean.

– Ching Hai W28-3D is also equipped with 3 wind speeds for you to customize according to your preferences. Fan operating with a capacity of 215W also helps create stronger and cooler airflow.

 quạt điện công nghiệp
Ching Hai industrial wall fan W28-3RED

8. Sowun SW 828 industrial floor fan (135w, 3 speeds, 45cm wingspan)

– Sowun SW 828 is an industrial floor fan that is also used a lot in restaurants, shops, offices or factories. The product is equipped with a capacity of 135W with a wide wingspan fan, so it will help cool air quickly spread into a large space for you to have the most comfortable feeling.

– Sowun SW 828 industrial floor fan is also equipped with 3 wind speeds for users to choose according to their preferences. In addition, this industrial fan also uses ball bearings to help the fan operate stably and smoothly, and the durability can be up to 50,000 hours for you to use with peace of mind.

 quạt điện công nghiệp
Industrial floor fan Sowun SW 828 (135w, 3 speeds, 45cm wingspan)

9. Industrial floor fan Sowun SW 822 (130w capacity, 5 speeds, 45cm wingspan)

(130w capacity, 5 speeds, 45cm wingspan)

– The next industrial fan model that we want to introduce to you is the Sowun SW 822 industrial floor fan. This fan works with a capacity of 130W, combined with a wingspan of up to 45cm will create strong wind. strong, can spread to far space so that you quickly feel the coolness.

– In particular, the industrial floor fan Sowun SW 822 is also equipped with 5 different wind speeds for you to customize according to your actual use needs.

– In addition, the fan’s winding motor is made of 100% copper, so it provides durability, good electrical conductivity, high durability and the ability to operate continuously for many hours.

– The product also has a wide angle of up to 240 degrees, helping to spread the cool air more evenly, no matter where you sit, you can feel comfortable and comfortable.

 quạt điện công nghiệp
Sowun SW 822 industrial floor fan (130w capacity, 5 speeds, 45cm wingspan)

10. Sowun SW 821 industrial floor fan (128w capacity, 4 speeds, 45cm wingspan)

– Sowun SW 821 industrial floor fan possesses a compact and modern design that will be suitable for many spaces such as offices, restaurants, coffee shops… The fan frame is designed firmly, making Made of durable stainless steel to prevent rust. The fan cage is made of chrome-plated metal, which is resistant to rust, resistant to impact forces. The base is also firmly designed so that the fan does not tilt or fall.

– Sowun SW 821 operates with a capacity of 128W, combined with a wingspan of 45cm will help cool air to be radiated strongly and can spread farther, cooling a larger space.

– Besides, this industrial floor fan is also equipped with 4 different speed levels for you to conveniently choose according to your preferences and needs.

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Sowun SW 821 industrial floor fan (128w capacity, 4 speeds, 45cm wingspan)

P69 Mechanical Factory has given you information about 10 good industrial electric fans on the market, hope you can choose the most suitable fan for your project.

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