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Top 10 most popular types of mechanical tools that everyone in the profession has

The mechanical industry is currently a HOT industry with strong development and many types of mechanical tools were born according to the development of the industry. However, there are still very common types of mechanical tools that anyone who is a mechanic must have, so please follow the article below of P69 Mechanical Factory to know what kind of tools they are. !

What is a mechanical tool?

dụng cụ cơ khí
P69 Mechanical Factory is proud to be a supplier of quality mechanical materials

– Mechanical tools are a product that synthesizes many items related to mechanical processing, which are mainly used in today’s industries. Mechanical tools are tools that are usually compact in size, easy to handle.

– They are often used in workshops that manufacture or repair mechanical related items. In addition, this kit can also be used in households because it is relatively simple to use, storing and preserving tools is also quite easy.

Top 10 most popular mechanical tools

Here are the top types of popular mechanical tools that anyone who does this job must have that P69 Mechanical Factory wants to share. Let’s see together!

1. Leaf ruler

– In the 10 most common types of mechanical tools, the ruler must be mentioned first. This is a specialized ruler used to measure the length when mechanical processing. It is usually made from stainless steel, with no elasticity.

The basic parameters of the leaf ruler:

– Thickness: From 0.9 to 1.5mm.

– Width: From 10 to 25mm.

– Length: From 150 to 1,000mm.

– Division: 1mm.

2. Calipers

– Caliper (also known as mechanical caliper) is a multi-use measuring instrument in mechanics, with high accuracy and very easy to use.

– The structure of this type of ruler includes 8 departments that are linked together into a unified tool. The caliper is used to measure the inside and outside diameters of products with holes that are not too big in diameter.

– Common calipers are made of steel or stainless steel. With the limits of 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm gauges. The value on the main body of the ruler, the distance between each mark is 1 mm. The value on the extra ruler body is equal to the precision of the ruler. The accuracy of the ruler includes: 0.1 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.02 mm.

dụng cụ cơ khí
They are often used in workshops that manufacture or repair mechanical related items

3. Protractor set

– In 10 types of universal mechanical tools, it is impossible not to mention the protractor. Protractors are measuring instruments that allow the user to create and extend desired angles. It is used to determine the specific corner cutting position of a workpiece. This device is suitable for measuring aspects of bending products, casting metal and measuring angles of mechanical machines, molds, and supports.

Some types of angle measuring tools:

– Hey.

– Ke perpendicular.

– Universal angle ruler.

– Angle gauge.

– Semicircle angle measure.

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4. Wrench (molet) and wrench

– This is a set of two products that usually come together. They are indispensable hand-held devices in the process of repair and mechanical processing. Wrench, wrench is a tool that provides grip through the application of twisted male tissue to remove screws, bolts, stainless steel threaded rods or tighten them.

– Wrench, wrench are usually made from metals and alloys with high hardness such as Chromium, Steel, Vanadium… Thanks to that, these devices with high hardness are satisfied with loosening and tightening screws. screws, hard bolts, iron expansion switches.

– On the market today with many types of wrenches such as: Open-ended wrenches, double-round wrenches, coordinated wrenches… Track tune with corresponding wrenches: Normal wrench, tooth wrench , chain wrench… In mechanical processing, owning a set of wrenches is essential. However, depending on your needs, you can also buy them separately. Not only for processing factories, owning this set of equipment in the family is also very important when your family does not have many types of machines that need to be repaired.

5. Screwdriver

– A screwdriver is a tool with a simple design with a head and a handle. The first part usually has a flat shape, a cross, a six-sided asterisk, etc., depending on the type. The handle design makes it easy for the user to hold the product firmly. It is specialized for use in disassembling and disassembling different types of screws.

6. Eto

– In the mechanical industry, the car is an important characteristic tool. It is used to clamp, hold the workpiece during machining. Normally, the vise has a structure consisting of a moving cheek, a stationary cheek and a crank. Based on the clamping force of the screw, it can easily hold the product for the engineer to perform the machining operations. Cars are often used with 2 types: visor clamps at right angles and visors rotate 360 ​​degrees. In addition, there are additional mini cars, table cars.

dụng cụ cơ khí
Mechanical tools are a product that synthesizes many items related to mechanical processing, mainly used in today’s industries.

7. Pliers

– In mechanical tools, pliers are one of the universal hand tools. Pliers of different types and sizes. But it is usually with a simple structure with a beak and a pliers handle. Their use is used to clamp objects and surfaces with small cross-sections with the force of the hand. From there, perform related operations during machining.

8. Hammer

– The hammer is used by swinging the hand, thereby creating a driving force on the surfaces it impacts. Usually hammers are used to drive nails into wood and related materials. From there, create connections as well as attach surfaces together.

– A hammer with a very simple structure. Previously it was made of iron with a wooden handle. However, today hammers are often cast immediately with a rubberized handle to increase friction as well as bring convenience to the user.

9. Saws

– Saws are often used to cut materials used in mechanical processing. Depending on the processing characteristics, the performer needs to choose a hacksaw, a wood saw, etc.

Usually a saw includes the following departments:

– Frames.

– Saw force adjustment screw.

– Saw blade latch.

– Saw blade.

– Handle.

When the saw is needed, the user will hold the handle and then apply the hand force by pulling back and forth. From there, cut the surface as desired.

10. Chisel

– Chisel is often used to chop metal. It is with the head, body and chisel blade attached together into a unified block. Usually, this tool will be used to cut off, create chisels on mechanical products.

Uses of mechanical tools

– Brings almost absolute accuracy, especially for specialized gauges.

– Made from durable, lightweight materials such as chrome steel, ABS plastic, high-grade wood … this group of tools often has a small, compact design that is easy to manipulate and adjust at will.

– Able to work on a variety of materials: from aluminum, iron, steel to wood, plastic… to create useful items in mechanics, construction and civil while still ensuring quality and precision sturdy.

– Easy to store and maintain: just neatly stored in the storage box, these tools will help you make/repair all items whenever needed.

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