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What is a fire valve? Features and working principle of fire extinguishing valve

Fire is a hazard caused by fire, it brings a lot of damage. Today’s constructions that occur on fire will cause great loss and damage from property to people if there is no specialized fire extinguishing equipment. In order to prevent an unfortunate event, the fire extinguishing valve was born. So today, let’s go with P69 Mechanical Factory through the article below to know more about this fire valve and make the right choice for your project!

What is a fire valve?

The fire extinguishing valve, also known as the fire stop valve, is one of the important devices of the ventilation system in the building. The installation of fire extinguishing valves in the building helps to prevent fire and prevent the spread of fire to other areas. Thereby minimizing the damage caused by fire.

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Fire extinguishing valve is a device the ventilation system in a building, helping to prevent fire and prevent the spread of fire to other areas

Design features of fire extinguishing valve

– Design with square, rectangular or round shape

– Fire extinguishing valve includes: valve body, vane, spring fuse, shaft; engine parts or connecting flanges can be attached. In which, the fuse parts need to be guaranteed to meet the standards according to the regulations of the fire prevention and fighting department

– Body thickness form 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm

– Valve shaft can be made of steel material

– Mainly designed with two main products: square fire stop valve and round fire stop valve

– Sizes can be in addition to standard, according to customer needs

– Painted with anti-rust paint, heat-insulating paint according to standards

– The main materials are galvanized steel or stainless steel, which are two materials with high durability, increasing product life, especially bringing high efficiency.

– Steel shafts rotate lightly on brass bearings.

– In case of floor-mounted valves, the closing mechanism of the wings will be fitted with springs to help close quickly and tightly.

– As standard, the thermal fuse will operate at 72 oC (165 oF).

– Primer against rust and then finish with heat resistant paint.

– Length of valve L = 200mm.

Valves are made into 2 or more equal parts when the length and width of the valve is more than 800mm.

– The width of the valve leaves does not exceed 200mm and the length does not exceed 500mm

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The fire extinguishing valve is a quality product from the P69 Mechanical Factory. The effect of the fire extinghuishing vavle 

The effect of the fire extinguishing valve

– The fire extinguishing valve is used on the ductwork system in cases where it is required to prevent fire and explosion, spreading the flame to other areas, when the airflow temperature is high, the fire extinguishing valve will be effective against fire spread. When a fire occurs, the fire stop valve can be automatically switched off by the engine, minimizing the risk of fire spreading to other systems.

– Location of installation of fire suppression valve: It is an important factor in the principle of operation, so it is installed on the ventilation system right on top of the blowway, which has the effect of preventing fire from spreading through the ventilation systems. other wind in the same building when an incident occurs.

–  The fire extinguishing valve can be fitted with a motor to work with the fire alarm system.

–  In addition, it also has the effect of air conditioning, ventilation in buildings, factories or commercial centers, apartment buildings.

Working principle of fire extinguishing valve

– When a fire occurs, the outside ambient temperature rises to about 72 to 90 degrees Celsius, the thermal fuse (fire-extinguishing fuse) breaks out, closing the fire-blocking valve, helping to prevent the source of smoke as well as the fire. The fire source does not spread to other areas and other wind systems in the same building. Then the fire area will be completely isolated, helping to prevent fire for the whole other area as well as the building.

– For large apartments, it is required to combine with automatic control engine fire suppression valve to ensure timely and fastest fire prevention.

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