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What is a Non-return Damper? Features and uses

Non-return Damper is a product that plays an important role in helping the wind system to be smooth. So how does this product work? Which address provides reputable and quality air valves?

Follow the article below of P69 Mechanical Factory to know the features and uses of the Non-return Air Valve!

Round Non-return Damper

The structure of Round Air Damper is quite diverse. Including body type, style, plank shaft, bearing damper, specifically:

– For the body type that is electrically welded by the material compensation method with a fluctuation of about 0.75 mm – 1.15 mm

– Style: This style is usually a single wing style with the same thickness as the body style

– Shaft: The air valve shaft is manufactured from an electric machine and is dipped in galvanized

– For the bearing part, this device has a structure of two galvanized steel blocks. There are round holes with a length of 10 x 10 to create a solid connection and especially they do not use screws with the valve shaft

Mostly, circular air valve connections are usually cold-worked or electrically welded countersunk connections by various methods such as material compensation.

Not only that, but the control parts of the one-way round air valve are also manufactured by us P69 suitable for each type of product and imported at quality units and companies with very high prestige and durability. The result will bring the best experience for customers.

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The great uses of the Round Non-return Damper

In large working spaces such as factories or factories. To ensure that the space is always airy and cool, these places need to be designed according to the standards with the best products.

One of the products that play an important role in the wind supply process. That is a one-way valve, this is a product that has the function of helping the ventilation system work smoothly. When it comes to air valves. As you can imagine, this is an important material that helps the duct system to work efficiently and correctly.

The ventilation system cannot operate smoothly without the air valve and especially the one-way valve. Air valve works by automatic mechanism, without the intervention of passive control.

The air valve will close automatically to limit the unfortunate risk of no airflow. This process happens very quickly, so the position of the air valve is even more important.

Mainly used to prevent backflow of air in duct systems. The one-way air valve also supports one-way airflow to prevent reverse wind directions according to customer design needs.

The main function of the air valve is to regulate the airflow inside the ventilation system. Helps keep the interior environment ventilated and provides continuous ventilation.

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High-quality air valve of P69 Mechanical Factory

Outstanding advantages of the Non-return Damper

Non-return Damper is usually made from two main materials, which are stainless steel and galvanized steel. These are high-strength materials. Helps prolong the life and increase the durability of the product, preventing rust and oxidation over time of use.

Non-return Damper is specially designed with a door valve system that automatically opens when there is enough airflow through. And is automatically closed when the wind moves in reverse. That’s why the check valve is only used on the supply airline and not on the return airline.

The one-way air valve operates on a self-contained mechanism, which can be operated continuously without any unexpected problems. This is very convenient for the system to operate many devices, helping to save labor and machine operating costs.

More prominent is related to the design of the product. The air valve has 2 designs, that is the square air valve and the circular air valve. This will make it easier for customers to choose the right product for their needs. As well as finding the right product for the installation space. So that the valve can perform its functions.

Check valves do not use electricity during operation. Helping businesses save maximum costs in using equipment.

Place to buy reputable products

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