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What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is a brand new technology that is rapidly gaining ground in the world of video games. Cloud gaming allows gamers to stream their games using a fast internet connection instead of using local hardware, such as PC or console. It’s similar to Netflix(r) or Hulu(r) for video games. It lets players play on devices they already own like a TV, laptop, tablet, Android or Apple smartphone and Amazon Fire TV Stick(tm) or Google Xbox X Series Chromecast(tm) device, without having to download the game or purchase a new console or PC.

With a stable, fast Internet connection and low latency as well as powerful server hardware, gamers can experience high-end gaming on almost any device, regardless of the specific hardware capabilities. This could reshape the gaming community by making gaming more accessible to those who might not have the means or desire to purchase a traditional gaming system.

Gaming on the cloud also opens up monetization models for publishers. Subscription-based service providers provide players access to a library of games for a monthly charge, generating recurring revenue and steady cash flow. Additionally, in-game purchases as well as digital storefronts help publishers maximize the profits from their core games.

Game development in the cloud can also improve collaboration between teams and create a an improved, more seamless workflow. Developers can make better games through centralized environments that permit code sharing, asset tracking, and real-time communication.

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