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What is industrial ventilation? Why use this system

High temperature, air containing a lot of smoke, fine dust, smell of chemicals, smell of raw materials, … are the causes of bad effects on health. To solve this problem, business managers have chosen to install industrial ventilation systems. If you are interested in this issue, do not ignore this article of P69 Mechanical Factory  !

What is industrial ventilation?

Industrial ventilation is the exchange of air in space to improve temperature, dust, oxygen, circulating air to help the production environment be cleaner and cooler.

– Industrial ventilation will use natural methods directly or indirectly, which is the use of ventilation fans to optimize the efficiency of bringing toxic substances out and regaining the source of fresh air inside.

Industrial ventilation
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Why use industrial ventilation?

– Industrial ventilation plays an extremely important role in the production activities of factories. The working environment in the factories will become safer, fresher, cooler, then the working capacity will increase. In particular, industrial ventilation fans do not pollute the environment.

– Helps to solve temperature problems in the factory, creating a cool and safe working environment with continuously balanced air exchange.

– Provide enough oxygen, remove harmful gases to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

– In particular, the amount of heat in the workshop space will be improved by natural air flow, thereby contributing to environmental protection.
The benefits that this industrial ventilation system brings are certainly not replaceable by any other device or technology. Therefore, factories should invest in ventilation design to ensure safe, efficient and quality production activities.

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Industrial ventilation methods

Here is one and method of industrial ventilation that P69 Mechanical Factory would like to recommend to you.

1. Natural ventilation

– Natural ventilation is a method of using natural wind to cool exchange directly through openings or open buttons without intervention from mechanical devices. The difference in air pressure and temperature will create a convection wind source that balances the inlet and outlet air.

– Simulate natural ventilation

– This type of natural ventilation is used for small and medium sized factories, practical benefits such as:

+ It does not cost as much to build as other types because it uses available natural wind, and the design is simple and uncomplicated, the amount of wind is maintained if there is a continuous supply of natural wind.

+ Unnecessary or negligible operating costs

+ Working area with natural wind exchange will be very good for workers’ health, creating a feeling of comfort and increasing work efficiency.

– Besides the benefits, the condition is that the factory must be located in an area where there is always wind circulation, the amount of wind cannot be regulated, but when it is necessary to need the support of devices such as fans or air conditioners. Only suitable for factories with few workers and machines that do not generate much heat. Natural ventilation is not very effective.

2. Artificial ventilation

– Artificial ventilation is a method of using mechanical equipment to convection air. Use the form of an exhaust fan mounted on top of a wall or wall. There are two types of this type: general ventilation and local ventilation

– Overall ventilation is to use a central coordination system to ventilate the entire area, each area is always balanced with air flow in and out. Because of the large amount of wind, it is necessary to install a fan with the same capacity.

– Local ventilation is to provide wind only in a certain area such as machinery, electrical cabinets, high heat generating areas. This location can use a direct exhaust fan

Industrial ventilation
Industrial ventilation plays an extremely important role in the production activities of factories

The bad effects when not using ventilation for the factory

Currently, there are still many factories that have not installed industrial ventilation systems, causing many adverse effects on workers’ health and the environment. Some of the bad effects include:

– The production process will make the atmosphere in the factory worse and worse, the temperature rises rapidly, greatly affecting the quality of machines and finished products.

– Employees are not guaranteed health, thereby affecting work productivity.

High temperature increases the risk of fire and explosion.

– Air pollution and surrounding environment.

– To minimize the above harms, the industrial ventilation system was born as an effective solution for every business.

– This is also one of the important factors determining labor productivity.

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