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What is mechanical material? Properties and classification of current mechanical materials

In the process of manufacturing and operating high-tech machinery and equipment, mechanical material processing is an indispensable and important step. Therefore, you must understand well about mechanical materials as well as the properties and types of mechanical materials currently in the market to make the most accurate choice. So please follow the article below of the P69 Mechanical Factory to answer all your questions!

What is mechanical material?

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P69 Mechanical Factory is proud to be a supplier of quality mechanical materials

A mechanical material is a substance or compound used by man in a mechanical manufacturing process. In simple terms, mechanical materials are materials that help create many products with high applicability in life such as refrigeration equipment, machinery, technical tools, constructions, houses,….

Groups of mechanical materials

– Metallic materials: The properties of metallic materials are good electrical conductivity, metallic luster, and good ductility to help you deform them at will even at normal temperatures. However, metallic materials are very chemically unstable. Metallic materials are commonly known by names such as steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc.

– Inorganic materials – ceramic: This is a material with poor electrical conductivity, no deformation and very brittle. Usually melts at very high temperatures. You can find some inorganic materials – ceramic in ceramic, porcelain, glass, ordinary brick, refractory brick…

– Organic materials – polymers: Similar to ceramic materials, polymeric materials also have poor electrical conductivity, but are capable of plastic deformation at high temperatures. The two major constituent elements in organic materials are carbon and hydrogen. Organic materials – polymers found in wood, rubber, artificial organic materials such as polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) …

– Composite material – composite: This is a type of material that is a combination of two or more different materials. Specifically: reinforced concrete, metal and polymer materials, polymer and ceramic materials…

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Properties of mechanical materials

To create high-quality mechanical products with high precision, processing materials need to be carefully selected. Therefore, understanding the basic properties of mechanical materials is an extremely important step. Here are the properties of mechanical materials that P69 Mechanical Factory wants to share with you:

– Mechanical properties: hardness, ductility, durability.

– Physical properties: heat of melting, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, density.

– Chemical properties: acid, salt resistance, corrosion resistance.

– Technological properties: casting, welding, forging, machining and cutting capabilities.

* Meaning of technological properties in production: Technological properties help us to know whether the mechanical material is easy or difficult to process (welding, casting, forging, cutting, ….) Therefore, we can choose a reasonable and effective processing method to increase productivity and product quality.

Classification of mechanical materials currently on the market

Below, P69 Mechanical Factory would like to share with you some more popular mechanical materials today:

1. Iron Material

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Iron is a metal that is mined from iron ore deposits.

Iron is a metal that is mined from iron ore deposits. After going through the process of smelting and reducing impurities, iron will be obtained in free form. Usually, iron is used in the production of cast iron and steel.

– According to statistics, iron currently accounts for about 95% of the total volume of metal produced in the world. The outstanding advantages of iron can be mentioned as great bearing capacity, high ductility and hardness, relatively low cost. Iron is being used extensively in the manufacture of tools, automobiles, as frames for construction works, etc.

2. Aluminum Material

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Aluminum materials have the advantages of durable properties, high corrosion resistance, lighter than iron, good thermal and electrical conductivity, and aluminum products are very popular.

– Thanks to its durability, high corrosion resistance, lighter than iron, good thermal and electrical conductivity, aluminum products are very popular.

– Industries that use aluminum materials a lot in production, such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing artificial satellite shells or airships, processing machine parts. In addition, the construction sector also uses aluminum to make many decorative art products.

3. Steel Material

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Steel is also commonly used in many different fields

– Steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and some other elements. Steel has 2 main types, including:

  • Carbon steel: iron, carbon, impurities Mn, Si, P,…
  • Alloy steel: iron, carbon, impurities W, V, Mo, Ti, Cu, Ta, B, N….

– Just like aluminum and iron, steel is also commonly used in many different fields. Especially mechanical processing, construction, shipbuilding, …

4. Stainless steel material

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With its convenience and durability, today you will see stainless steel in many interior architecture projects from simple to complex.

– Stainless steel is also known as stainless steel. This is an alloy of iron, containing a large amount of chromium, at least 10.5%. The characteristics of stainless steel are very little discoloration, corrosion, great durability, stainless, able to withstand temperatures of about 12000 degrees Celsius. Thereby supporting easier processing.

With its convenience and high durability, today you will encounter stainless steel in many interior architectural works from simple to complex.

5. Cast Iron Material

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Cast iron is used for mechanical processing for machine body, machine shell, belt, gear, bearing, rolling shaft, etc.

– Cast iron is an alloy of a collection of elements including iron, carbon, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Ni, Mo, Mg, Cu…. In which, the carbon content is greater than 2.14%. The outstanding advantages of cast iron are high fluidity, good castability, little shrinkage, strong compressive force, along with the ability to withstand static loads and extremely stable wear resistance. However, its disadvantage is that it is brittle and has poor impact resistance.

– Cast iron has two types: white cast iron and graphite cast iron. Each type will possess different ingredients and properties. Usually, cast iron is used for mechanical processing of machine body, machine casing, belt, gear, sliding bearing, rolling shaft, etc.

6. Plastic Material

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Plastic has the advantages of lightness, resistance to chemical environments, abrasion resistance and good electrical insulation

Plastic is one of the materials with high applications from daily life to industrial products. Plastic has the advantages of lightness, resistance to chemical environments, abrasion resistance and good electrical insulation. Popular products made from plastic include sockets, switches, connectors, water pipes, etc.

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