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What is metal cutting and welding? Current methods and applications

Metal cutting and welding is an important step in the field of mechanical processing. That has confirmed the position of welding and cutting metal in the current mechanical market. So if you are still wondering or have questions about metal cutting and welding, please follow the article below of P69 Mechanical Factory to answer all your questions!

What is metal cutting and welding?

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Welding is the process of making structures into a non-removable block, by applying mechanical energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, .. to the contact surface between the parts to make it form. The weld has a homogeneous metal lattice structure.

1. General characteristics

Although there are many different welding methods, they all share a few characteristics:

– Welding all metals and alloys with the same and different properties such as steel with steel, cast iron with cast iron, copper with copper, aluminum with aluminum ..

– Can join non-metallic materials together, weld plastic, weld ceramic porcelain to metal.

– High weld strength should be used in the manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, ships, bridges, etc.

2. Cons

Although there are many advantages mentioned above, the welding method still has many disadvantages such as:

– Long processing time

– The quality of the finished product does not meet the aesthetic requirements, ..

==> Therefore, when technology is more and more modern, many mechanical processing methods have been born to replace the method of welding and cutting metal.

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Welding is the process of making structures into a non-removable block, by applying mechanical energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, ..

Metal cutting and welding processing methods

In order to meet the increasing demands of the mechanical industry, in addition to traditional processing methods such as turning, milling, drilling, boring, boring, tapping, etc., mechanical processing specialist facilities are very popular. Some of the following metal cutting technologies:

– Mechanical method.

– Electrochemical method.

– Chemical method.

– Thermoelectric method.

However, there are two types of processing methods that are most prominent today:

– Plasma processing method

– Laser processing method

1. Plasma processing method

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Plasma machining offers many outstanding advantages because it can be processed with different cutting thickness materials

– Plasma processing is the process of inert gas (or compressed air) being blown through the nozzle with high pressure, and at the same time the electric arc flow also passes through this gas stream from the nozzle to the surface of the cutting object, transferring a part. gas into plasma. The high-temperature plasma melts the metal of the cutting object, and the gas blows with the pressure of the molten metal out of the section.

– Plasma cutting can: process Stainless steel on demand, cut Iron, process Steel and other metals at different cutting thicknesses.

– The limitation of the cutting method is that after cutting, we need to clean the product to get a smoother and more sophisticated cut.

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2. Laser processing method

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Laser cutting method can cut according to your requirements

– Metal laser cutting method is based on the principle of laser beam operation. The Laser Projector has high energy and brightness that burns the material leaving the cutting edge with sharp surface quality, beautiful cutting lines and absolute precision.

– With the principle of automatic operation according to the design, Laser cutting technology helps us to cut any desired pattern, can cut according to curves, cut small details, details with high complexity,. .

– CNC laser processing can be applied on many types of materials such as: Inox, Iron, Copper, Steel, Aluminum, .. and on most non-metal materials such as Wood, Mica, Fabric…

Application of metal cutting welding processing method

– In the electrical and electronic industry (welding circuit boards, main, …)

– In the transport industry, irrigation, construction works, …

– In the automobile manufacturing industry.

– In the military weapons manufacturing industry.

– In the shipbuilding industry, aviation, space, …

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