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What is the Nightfall weapon this week in Destiny 2? – March 28, 2023

Image via Bungie

Each week in Destiny 2, Guardians can test themselves in Nightfall activities. It’s a good way to earn a Pinnacle Gear engram if they can score above 100,000, but the real item everyone is looking to loot is the Nightfall weapon. This is a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal, and if you complete it on harder difficulties, you have a better chance to loot the item, or you can complete the Grandmaster mode for an adept version. This guide covers what Nightfall weapon you can earn this week in Destiny 2.

Nightfall weapon for March 21 to April 4

You will be paired with a small fireteam of three Guardians, meaning you will need to work with them to ensure you can complete the challenge in a suitable amount of time. The better your time while defeating multiple enemies, the higher your score at the end of the Nightfall. There is no matchmaking for this game mode, so make sure to bring several allies before you jump into the Nightfall.

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This guide covers everything you need about this week’s Nightfall and the Nightfall weapon.

  • Nightfall: The Glassway
  • Nightfall Weapon: The Buzzard
  • Champion Foes: Barrier and Overload
  • Void Threat: +25% Void Damage received
  • Solar Surge: +25 bonus to outgoing Solar damage
  • Strand Surge: +25 bonus to outgoing Strand damage
  • Arach-No!: When defeated, Fallen Vandals spawn a web mine at their feet
  • Attrition: Regeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light
  • Togetherness: Base health regen is reduced. If near another player, health regen is increased
  • Overcharged Weapons: Weapon overcharges from the Seasonal Artifact are active in this activity. Kinetic weapons do increased damage when your subclass element matches an active surge.
  • Overcharged Grenade Launchers: +25 bonus to Grenade Launcher damage

You will want to complete the Nightfall on higher difficulties for a better chance of obtaining the weapon at the end of the encounter. The harder difficulties, namely Master, come with additional Champions and the Attrition modification, where regeneration on all Guardians has been greatly lowered.

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