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Why is it necessary to replace the flexible duct with a metal round duct

The ventilation duct system is an indispensable device in architectural works such as supermarkets, factories, …. The system ensures the circulation and circulation of air in order to provide clean air for the environment in that space. And in which the soft duct and the metal round duct are two types that are used by many people. However, now many people want to exchange the soft air duct for the metal round duct.

So let’s find out with P69 Mechanical Factory why it is necessary to replace the soft air duct with a metal round duct through the article below!

What is a flexible duct?

– Flexible duct is a kind of flexible ventilation duct, which can easily bend the pipe and pipe mouth. The structure of the flexible duct consists of many aluminum rings linked together by steel wire and covered by an outer layer of foil.

– Soft air ducts have the effect of ventilation and air conduction to help regulate the air in buildings and commercial centers. In addition, the flexible duct also prevents toxic gases from escaping to the outside, especially when a fire occurs. Therefore, flexible ducts are used and installed in construction projects such as commercial centers, high-rise buildings, ….

– Flexible ducts are easy to install and construct with light pipe weight. The tube can withstand heat in the range -30°C – 110°C.

Ống gió mềmống gió tròn kim loại
The flexible duct is easy to install, easy to construct with a lightweight of the duct

What is metal circular duct?

– Round metal ducts with circular cross-sections are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. The two most common types of round air ducts are smooth round ducts and twisted ribbed round ducts.

– Making round ducts is more difficult than rectangular ducts. Round duct joints are a little different from regular rectangular ducts.

– Round ducts are lighter than rectangular ducts. The ventilation performance of the round duct is better thanks to the circular design, so there is no loss of air at the joints. The circular duct cross-section can let the air move through about ~100%.

– Round ducts are often used in projects with technical shafts, small ceiling heights or exposed ceilings requiring aesthetics.

ống gió trơn
Quality products of P69 Mechanical Factory

Why is it necessary to replace the flexible duct with a metal round duct

To know why it is necessary to replace the flexible duct with a metal round duct, the P69 Mechanical Factory gives you the following advantages and disadvantages.

1. Advantages of metal ducts are as follows

– Metal air duct has a very smooth plate surface causing minimal air friction during air conduction

– Many times more durable than soft ducts

– The main material for making air ducts is galvanized steel

2. Disadvantages of flexible ducts

– Large friction due to the twisted metal thread inside the frame, reducing the airflow

– Or bend the pipe to block the air flow due to soft materials during installation.

– Flexible ductwork is best used for branch ducts to individual rooms that are not too long.

So based on the pros and cons of the 2 air ducts, you can already know why it is necessary to replace the soft air duct with a metal round duct, right?

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