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Why use motorized damper for duct system ?

The ventilation system is always the system that is always prioritized to be installed in the works from supermarkets, factories, schools, …. And the electric wind valve is always an important device in this system, because of its superiority. its advantages which are always chosen for installation in ductwork. But if you still do not understand why you should use this valve in the duct system, please follow the article below of  P69 Mechanical Factory to know!

What is an electric wind valve?

– Electric wind valve is a device with the role of regulating air flow regularly, they are installed directly on the supply / return air line of the ventilation system. Different from other types of air ducts on the market, the electric wind valve is designed in combination with the motor to help adjust more flexibly and quickly.

– Electric wind valves are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, so they ensure durability and certainty when installed. This material can withstand well in the harshest environments, avoids rust with long-term use and supports easier cleaning. The design of the wind valve with the valve handle can be opened and closed automatically when there is a signal, thereby ensuring high accuracy and safety when using or quickly overcoming when a fire occurs. High quality in-valve motor motor, imported directly from Switzerland, France, Germany,…

electric wind valve
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Why use electric wind valve for duct system

The reason experts recommend that you use an electric wind valve for your home or business’s ductwork because this accessory brings unexpected effects to the ductwork, ensuring convenience and safety. for all users.

1. Air valve helps to adjust the air flow quickly

– The air duct has a ventilation effect, in order to bring the space a fresh and fresh air. The bouncing product is especially suitable for factories and workshops to ensure air for people working in them. However, if the inlet air flow is too large, it can cause the wind pipe to be overloaded or have some problems such as strong wind, accompanied by dust from the outside. Besides, the wind pipe system also has certain standards to operate effectively. Therefore, the automatic air valve helps this system to adjust the appropriate air flow to ensure the supply of fresh air to the user.

2. Ensure the safety of the wind pipe

– With an automatic mechanism when the air flow is too large, the air valve will automatically close to ensure the safety of the efficient operation of the air duct system. On the contrary, if it is exceeded, the pipe will not only fail to work, but over time its life will also be reduced and quickly damaged.

3. Save time and effort

– It will be difficult and probably impossible for users to know the excess air flow, causing unsafety to the wind pipe and disconnection. Meanwhile, with the ability to accurately identify, in just a few seconds, the automatic air valve can do the job for you. No need to use your hands, without much effort, you can optimize the use of your device. Therefore, it is necessary to use automatic air valves for wind pipes.

electric wind valve
The reason experts recommend that you use an electric wind valve for your home or business’s ductwork because this accessory brings unexpected effects to the ductwork, ensuring convenience and safety. for all users.

Structural features of the electric wind valve

Some important features that you should know about this valve

1. Materials

– Thanks to Galvanized Steel Sheet, 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel is sturdy, good bearing.

– The product has a surface coated with electrostatic paint (with Galvanized Iron line) to help prevent rust.

– The stainless steel air valve itself avoids good wear and tear, does not stick to dust. As a result, it helps you to have a quality, bright, and long-lasting product.

2. Design

– Wind valve is equipped with Motor with AC-200V or DC-24V power after being converted.

– The valve has a square shape with fine workmanship and solid structure.

– The product has a characteristic metallic color, shiny and beautiful. Therefore, this is an option that should be prioritized to help your architecture increase aesthetics.

3. Functions

Square duct solenoid valve is a highly appreciated product because of its ability to:

– Used to open and close the air supply, keeping the space below fresh.

– Increase the modernity for the project.

– Ensure the safety for the architecture.

– Bring ventilation, help the air duct system work more efficiently.

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