Alpaca Sunflower Be Kind Puzzle Pieces Crocs

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Alpaca Sunflower Be Kind Puzzle Pieces Crocs. Iconic crocs are easy to wear, fashionable, and durable. A truly unique footwear that many love to wear.

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Alpaca Sunflower Be Kind Puzzle Pieces Crocs


Iconic crocs are all for functions and comfort. More than functional footwear, our clogs look trendy and fashionable with unique printings and designs.

They are the perfect statement pieces that enhance your unique styles. Add more personality and fun to your individual style with these trendy clog shoes.

  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate: Lightweight, flexible, comfortable to wear. Very durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Ventilation ports to increase breathability, make it easy and quick to drain moisture and debris
  • Slip-on style, easy put on and take off.
  • Roomy fit and versatile designs with heel strap for a secure fit. You can wear it either as a flip-flop or a sandals
  • Supportive insole designs that make your feet comfortable for a long time
  • Various sizes: Easily fit different foot sizes, perfect for both men and women.
  • EU size is printed on the bottom of the sole
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Vibrant and long-lasting print all over the outer surface.

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