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Best Practices for Remote Board Meetings


In remote board meeting, people tend to feel less compelled to pay attention more than in person. It’s easy to give in the temptation to check your email, grab snack, or answer the telephone. The good news is that you’ll be able to overcome a lot of these obstacles by managing your meetings efficiently. These best practices will help keep your virtual meetings on time, secure and productive.

Use a reliable online portal that has board management software that includes an agenda builder and video integration as well as other useful tools such as document centers and task managers. These tools allow you to conduct your meetings without leaving the portal, and ensure that everyone is able to access them regardless of their location and time zone or device. It’s also a good idea to assign a moderator your meeting. They can supervise each system and ensure the technology is working correctly.

Send reminders to attendees for the meeting at minimum 24 hours in advance. This will decrease the number of no-shows and ensure that participants have all the information they require to participate. Additionally, use an agenda template that lists specific details for the call so that participants don’t get lost in the conversation.

If a member of the board is incapable of attending a remote meeting, the board member must provide a written explanation to the board, stating the reason for the absence and detailing any reasonable accommodations that are requested. The board must then determine whether the reason is legitimate. This can be a complicated process but the board should strive to be as fair and consistent as is possible.

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