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How to Design Effective Board Meetings

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Board meetings are the place where major corporate decisions – ranging from company policies to management appointments, financial control and response to crisis – are made. In this setting, members lay out their perspectives as they debate and debate ideas and ultimately steer an organization through the complexity of business. The best boards create agendas that encourage constructive discussion and result in results.

The preparation of board members prior to the meeting is crucial to a successful meeting. Nothing erodes a meeting’s effectiveness more than having attendees be rushed to read important documents during the meeting itself or, even more troubling having the materials handed out late or not accessible at all.

It is helpful to include a list of topics to be discussed prior to the meeting to ensure the board members are prepared and are able to anticipate. This allows the board chair to focus on the most important issues and avoid rehashing topics already discussed.

A strategic planning component is an excellent idea to put to the top of your list. This allows for a full review of the board’s strategies to determine whether it is still on track, or if there’s any issues that need to be addressed.

It’s an excellent idea to start the meeting off with an inspirational or motivational message that will re-energize the boardroom and set the tone to encourage productive discussion. It could be as easy as introducing the meeting with a tale of the organization’s achievements or include acknowledgment of the individual’s work and board member contribution.

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