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How to Protect Confidential Documents For Boards

Boards are the main of an organization. They make critical decisions and have important discussions that affect all people involved. This means that a lot sensitive information is shared by boards and should be protected from unauthorized access.

Implementing strong security measures to prevent unauthorized viewing and printing of confidential documents is one of the best ways boards can use to safeguard their data room about confidential information. A secure board portal can encrypt documents to ensure they are only accessible to authorized users.

Many board portals also allow you to set time limits on the length of time a document can be accessed and restrict who can download or print it. Many systems also have tools that let you monitor who has viewed documents, including reports that show how many times it was opened and by whom.

A confidentiality plan is another method to safeguard confidential documents. The policy should clearly stipulate that, unless it is legally required or approved by the board, directors are permitted to not disclose confidential information to anyone else such as the sponsors of directors’ constituencies, and should also define what constitutes confidential information. It can be difficult to enforce a such policy, but it provides the directors with clarity. It will also make it easier for them to defend the company against claims that they violated their confidentiality obligation.

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